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For clients with large volume staffing needs, we can deliver our services at your site, with programs that are customized to your culture and environment. Our site management team can provide:

Targeted Recruiting

In our on-site management program, we focus dedicated resources on recruiting for your specific company’s needs.

Employee Orientation Programs

Each work environment is unique. And that’s why providing an employee orientation that is customized to your company’s culture and environment is so important. TEI Staffing works with our clients to develop an orientation program for new employees that helps them become productive quickly.

Staff Management and Benefits Administration

Our site management team takes care of the day-to-day employee issues for our staff of contingent workers. By taking care of routine staffing issues, we free up your supervisors to focus on your core business.

Retention and Incentive Programs

An important part of any retention program is incentives to help motivate and encourage employees. In addition to an outstanding fringe benefits program, which includes holiday and vacation pay, our employees participate in specialized incentive programs, which help to foster more long-term employment with TEI Staffing.

Usage and Metrics Reports

As a site management client, TEI Staffing can provide specialized usage reports for enhanced program analysis.



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